Chinese herbs are prescribed by a practitioner based on an individualized pattern and disease diagnosis. The patient will receive a custom written prescription designed to treat both the individual symptoms, while also addressing the patient's underlying constitutional pattern. The herbs can be given in raw form (bulk), powdered form (granules) or pill form (patents). Chinese herbs consist of many natural substances, from bark, flowers, roots, leaves, twigs and stems. Occasionally, prescriptions may include minerals or shells. They are generally administered 2-3 times per day for chronic conditions and up to 5 times per day for severe acute conditions.

We carefully prescribe our herbal formulas to meet your specific needs. As such, each prescription is custom-tailored to address your condition as well as your underlying condition. The quality and potency of our herbal products meet the strict laboratory standards set by the U.S. and Taiwanese pharmacopoeias. We take pride in the cleanliness of our preparation facility and the purity of our products. Whenever possible, our herbal products are organic.

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