Nutritional counseling is one of the oldest forms of Chinese Medicine. In fact, one of the pioneers of Chinese Medicine, Hua Tuo, said that diet should be the first place we turn, even before acupuncture and herbs. While this is more difficult in todays world, where we are more rushed for time and the amount of processed food we eat is greater, there are many ways to improve your diet and nutrition. We are happy to provide you with a variety of dietary techniques which revolve around regular journaling of food intake and lifestyle habits. We will then suggest certain foods to stay away from and certain food to consume more of, all the while considering your constitution and prevailing condition. We also will address living and eating with the seasons, a concept that integrates local foods, seasonal foods, an understanding of the 5 elements within nature and within yourself. All regular Acupuncture patients will receive nutritional counseling at no additional fee.

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