After 17 years of living and struggling with chronic pain and disease, I happily met Akhil and chose to take the time for my health. His treatments of acupuncture and herbs, as well as his outstanding presence and warm good heart restore a wellspring of deep comfort, resiliency and resourcefulness that I had been sorely lacking. I am extremely grateful for his work an efforts. - Molly G.

After struggling with my digestion for 6 years and going to various western doctors who paid me little attention nor gave me any success, I came to Three Moons Wellness and after 6 treatments, all of my digestive problems were a thing of the past. Further, they gave me all the tools I needed to keep the problems away. Thank you so, so much - Robin G.

While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Sarah truly made me feel beautiful on the inside and out. Her facial treatments were not only very effective in helping my skin dilmena, she improved my overall health including my digestion, stress and my inner sense of peace. Her genuine personality and caring demeanor is something I have rarely found, especially in the field of medicine. - Lauren K.

My doctor told me that acupuncture probably wouldnt help my allergies, but I tried it anyway. I was referred to Three Moons from a friend of mine that had good success with Chinese medicine. After 4 treatments, there was a significant reduction in my symptoms and by the 7th treatment, it was all but gone. Through some regular seasonal maintenance, I am now happy to report that I no longer have my allergies and I no longer have that doctor. Laura A.

I never could have imagined you could have helped me with my back pain of 35 years. Yet, after one treatment I felt better for 4 days. I am now happy to report that I am pain free and am enjoying life again with my grandchildren E. H. Boulder, CO.

When I first came in to Three Moons Wellness, I was very nervous about my condition. Most doctors had written me off because my condition seemed so strange. However, you immediately put me at ease and explained to me that it was just a symptom of something larger occurring. Thanks to your combination of treatments, encouragement, diet and lifestyle, I am now symptom free and my overall health is doing great. I havent gotten sick once this whole year. I am deeply indebted to you for your medicine and your compassion - Greg C.

I still cant believe it. It was like magic. 3 needles and right then on the table, 5 years of knee pain disappeared. For my friends that always say money is an issue for their health, how could you afford not to try this? Kornelia J.