Tui Na, which literally means pushing and grasping, refers to a 3000 + year old form of Chinese bodywork that utilizes many common acupoints to achieve results similar to acupuncture, but in a non-invasive way. Some claim that Tui Na came before acupuncture and that when these healers would treat royalty, they were not allowed to touch them and so acupuncture needles became a solution. Ultimately, Tui Na bodywork can heal many of the same problems that acupuncture addresses. It can be a great alternative for children and seniors who are much more sensitive to needles.

Technically, Tui Na is an external therapy that involves a variety of different hand techniques that are geared to address specific conditions. Problems that are more on the surface of the body use lighter hand techniques whereas deeper-rooted organ problems require deeper pressure. Tui Na is an excellent form of massage therapy for physical trauma, and rehabilitation, sports injuries and chronic pain, as well as disorders of the digestive, respiratory and reproductive system.

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