Three Moons Workplace Acupuncture & Wellness

What Is Workplace Acupuncture & Wellness?

Workplace Acupuncture & Wellness is a professional, licensed and affordable acupuncture and wellness program custom tailored to your company and performed right in your own workplace. You can take a quick 20 to 30 minute break to enjoy a relaxing treatment without having to leave the office!  Transform your company’s workplace by offering the most popular healthcare treatments without your employees having to travel outside their workplace to get it.  Your employees want many of our services but simply don’t have the time nor believe they have the money to enjoy them. We believe people should have access to these healthcare choices at a very affordable cost so we offer wellness options such as acupuncture, chair massage, reflexology, shiatsu, aromatherapy, guided meditation, yoga, and Chinese dietary therapy.  These can be setup in group settings like a conference room or we can offer more private settings and individualized therapies should your workplace be able to offer some small rooms/offices.

Why Wellness In The Workplace?

Workplace Acupuncture & Wellness treatments are designed to promote optimal relaxation during the treatment and leave you feeling invigorated and balanced for your return to work.  Whether its acupuncture, chair massage, aromatherapy or another of our wide array of services, your employees will feel like they are being pampered at work and will feel they work for a company who truly cares about their well-being.


  • Lower workplace stress
  • Reduced injuries from repetitive motions and poor posture/ergonomics
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Strengthens mental focus and increases productivity
  • Progressive company with a progressive workplace
  • Attract more employees
  • Create a more connected workplace



  • Reduced back and neck tension
  • Relief for the “mouse” hand and arm
  • Reduced eye strain
  • Enhanced mental clarity
  • Relief from headaches and migraines
  • Increased immune system function
  • Increased energy
  • Eased digestive troubles
  • Relief from allergy symptoms
  • Reduced cravings for cigarettes


How Does It Work In The Office?

We try to make this as simple and as streamlined as possible for everyone involved.  We want to respect your workplace but we also want to affect your workplace.  We will aim to create a serene environment that still bursts with the energy needed to be efficient and productive.  We show up 30 minutes in advance and bring all of our own supplies minus a few that you find in your workplace.  We can do group settings in conference rooms using just the chairs.  Most of our services can be performed like that .  If people want more individualized treatments, we could use a private office for those perhaps.  Want to include everyone?  We can do both private and group settings at the same time. We will bring relaxing music and aromatherapy to provide relaxing and invigorating treatments. We can bring in a few massage chairs as well to provide short massages.  If you have a large enough space, we can provide wellness lectures as well for your company.

When Should You Offer Workplace Acupuncture and Wellness?

Stress doesn’t seem to come with a specific time so really, anytime is a good time. Some companies want weekly visits and others want monthly.  Some want it for internal wellness fairs while others want it after specific projects. Some companies want some services at specific times but opt for weekly or bimonthly acupuncture.  We can sit down with your wellness and human resource team to design and optimal plan for you.  We offer free consultations always.

Personalized and Affordable

It has never been more affordable to enjoy a relaxing and holistic treatment right in the comfort of your own workplace!  Not only can you lower your cost per employee, but your will improve the quality of your workplace, employee morale, and productivity.  There are many different options with our program and your can customize it to meet your wellness and financial needs. Please contact Akhil Kaplan for more information regarding customizing an affordable program for your company today.

Meet Your Wellness Team

Sarah and Akhil Kaplan are both professionally licensed and nationally certified as Acupuncturists and Herbologists.  They both hold Masters in Oriental Medicine from Southwest Acupuncture College.  Akhil runs Three Moons Wellness Center in Waitsfield and Sarah runs Little River Acupuncture in Stowe.  Each are very active as practitioners, teachers, and lecturers and together they have over 24 years of experience.

Sarah has additional training in NEAT™, allergy elimination, aromatherapy, essential oils, AcuAroma Therapy ™, and Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture.  She lectures extensively about essential oils and Chinese Medicine and has recently completed training as a Reiki Master.

Akhil has additional training in essential oils, AcuAroma Therapy ™ and Yin Style Bagua.  He lectures extensively on Chinese Medicine Psychology as well as the role of the Five Elements on our lives.  In addition to Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, he has been practiticing bodywork for 13 years and has been a practitioner of yoga and meditation for over 20 years.  He has been teaching these disciplines for the past 15 years. Akhil also has several years of corporate experience as he was a product manager for Compaq and Digital Equipment Corporation as well as a marketing manager for MicroTouch and 3M.

Additionally, we have a part-time group of other therapists to meet all of your wellness needs.  No matter your wellness needs, we can accommodate.

Health And Economic Benefits In The Workplace

While there are many reasons to offer this benefit to an in your workplace, the two most important is that it can save you money and increase your workforces happiness and productivity.  The following is an excerpt from an article which correlates healthy habits to increase productivity.

Companies trying to increase productivity should offer their employees more wellness programs, a well known study finds.  Workers who ate healthful meals and exercised on a regular basis had better job performance and lower absenteeism, research from the Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO), Brigham Young University and the Center for Health Research at Healthways shows.

Employees who eat healthy all day long were 25 percent more likely to have higher job performance, the study found, while those who eat five or more servings of fruit and vegetables at least four times a week were 20 percent more likely to be more productive. In addition, employees who exercise for at least 30 minutes, three times a week, were 15 percent more likely to have higher job performance.

Overall, absenteeism was 27 percent lower for those workers who ate healthy and regularly exercised and that their job performance was 11 percent higher than their peers who were obese, the study found.
Overweight workers experienced lower job performance and higher absenteeism, compared to those employees who suffer from depression and other chronic diseases or conditions.

"This latest study investigating the link between employee health, performance and productivity reinforces the business case for employers to provide comprehensive, evidence-based health management programs for their work force," said Jerry Noyce, president and CEO of HERO.
Carter Coberley, vice president of Health Research and Outcomes at Healthways, said more and more employers are defining individual well-being through the performance and productivity of their work force.

"Well-being is gaining recognition as an important measure that relates both to the quality of life of individuals as well as to financial measures that are important to business and government leaders," Coberley said.

"Well-being can also serve as an important business success metric through its demonstrated relationship to employee absence and job performance as measured in multiple large employers," he added.

The study was based on data from three geographically dispersed U.S. companies, representing 20,114 employees who completed a work-related survey each year from 2008 through 2010.

So no matter what your wellness needs are, Three Moons Workplace Acupuncture and Wellness will customize an affordable and effective program geared to helping your entire company be healthy, from the inside on out.  Please call us at 802-279–9272 or email us HERE.